Continuing on the meditative trend, Apple’s Fitness+ service now includes a tai chi workout to reduce stress, as well as artist spotlight workouts from artists like Keith Urban that are bound to increase the user base. A new celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, has also joined the Fitness+ workout team as an added attraction.

Finally, the Photos app is getting a significant update on the Watch. The new photo watch faces that put images of your loved ones on your Watch are sure to be a hit. Also, you can now scroll through your memories, look at featured highlights, and share them to your friends and family without even taking out your phone. Once you’ve found a particularly endearing shot, you can select it to send to your best friend, dictate a text, use the Scribble feature to edit the text inline, and then follow up immediately with just the perfect gif. It’s all the communication your friends and family could want, entirely from the wrist.

The Next macOS

The iPad becomes a true second screen.

Photograph: Apple

The next version of macOS will be nicknamed Monterey—it follows Apple’s recent habit of naming macOS releases after beautiful parts of California, though the name is a bummer for anyone who had their money on Buttonwillow or Manteca. With this next version of the desktop OS due this fall, Apple is aiming for device synergy. Apps will sync more easily between all your Apple devices: Mac, iPads, and iPhones. In fact, with a new feature Apple calls Universal Control, users can set their iPad beside a Mac to double as an instant second monitor. The Mac’s trackpad and keyboard will work across both devices too, with the cursor jumping between screens as the focus changes from one device to the other.

Continuing its theme of borrowing browser features from other software companies, Apple announced changes to desktop Safari that make it feel a little more like Chrome or Vivaldi. Tabs appear smaller and more compact, and Safari users gain the ability to group tabs together in the sidebar, making it easier to organize your 250 open browser tabs. Tabs also change color to complement the visual scheme of whatever web page you’re viewing.

Privacy Enhancements

The Privacy Report dashboard.

Photograph: Apple

Never one to miss an opportunity to highlight the steps it’s taking to protect its users’ privacy, Apple announced a few new security-minded features coming to its various products. One big update coming to Mail is the ability to block tracking pixels in emails that can expose your email activity. The same feature also hides your IP address from email senders. (Yes, people can track your activity and location through email.) Similar privacy controls will be available to Apple users who subscribe to the new premium version of iCloud, which is called iCloud+. There’s a new browsing mode in Safari that will allow iCloud+ subscribers to obfuscate their location and destination in the browser. Apple is accomplishing this by routing encrypted web traffic through two separate internet relays.