There are a lot of umbrellas out there, and we’re always testing more. Here are a few others that we like that didn’t quite make our list of top picks.

Repel Windproof Double Vented Travel Umbrella for $22: This one has all the makings of a great piece of gear. It’s sturdy and provides good coverage when open, collapsing down to just a foot in length. It comes in tons of gorgeous colors, and a single button opens and collapses the fiberglass ribs. The reason why it’s not in our top picks? “It’s. So. Dang. Hard. To. Close,” according to my fellow umbrella reviewer, Louryn Strampe. Fully closing this umbrella is a two-hand operation, and she got so fed up with it during testing that she often just used the ground as leverage to push the handle all the way down. She tested a few umbrellas from Repel, and unfortunately, it’s a problem across the lineup. This one does a fair job dealing with high winds, and it has a great price, but be prepared to wrestle with it when it comes time to close it.

LifeTek New Yorker Umbrella for $40: This is a beast of an umbrella. The 54-inch canopy is more than large enough to keep you and someone else dry, and its fiberglass shaft and wind-resistant frame withstand gusts big and small. The handle has a rubbery grip and a single red button to open and expand the canopy. A Teflon coating ensures it dries quickly after the storm has passed. The handle is awkward to grip, and combined with the 3-foot length, Louryn felt the umbrella was too top-heavy for her 5’1″ frame. It’s a great large, affordable option if you can handle its 1.5-pound weight and slightly cumbersome form factor.

Senz Original Umbrella for $80: The first time I took this umbrella out, I overheard someone say, “That’s such a cool-looking umbrella.” It is! It looks like a kite shield, and for a good reason. The aerodynamic design can withstand winds of more than 60 mph, and it’s noticeable. On a windy day in New York, my regular umbrella felt as though it was desperate to fly out of my hands, whereas the Senz merely bobbed up and down. Unfortunately, when you collapse it the canopy tries to stay open unless you attach the velcro around it, which is hard when your hands are busy with groceries. I also felt as though the narrow shape made it easier for the rain to get on my clothes, more so than other umbrellas.