One of the easiest ways to support BIPOC communities is by purchasing goods and services from companies owned by people of color. Systemic injustices are at the forefront of contemporary society, due to countless conspicuous instances of police brutality and other harms. Racism and racial injustice are nothing new—but the murder of George Floyd in 2020 sparked an ongoing wave of awareness and unrest that has spurred changes across the US.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gear from BIPOC-owned businesses. Due to high demand, some of these gifts have shipping delays—but that’s a good thing, and we’re sure your recipient will understand. To support minority-owned businesses year-round, try checking local marketplaces or your city’s tourism website. Online directories like We Buy Black and Chez Nous can be helpful resources as well.

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Updated December 2021: We’ve added new picks and adjusted pricing.

WIRED staffers Pia Ceres, Kimberly Chua, Samantha Cooper, Alan Henry, and Phuc Pham also contributed to this piece.

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